Their Royal Majesties King Omega V and Queen Etheldreda IV held Court at The War of the Roses, in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows on May 23. The Gazette thanks Reporting Herald Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, and additional Court Heralds Lady Maria von Ossenheim, Lord Yehuda ben Moshe, and Master Ryan McWhyte, for providing the following list of business conducted.

1. Goerijs Goriszoon Silver Crescent, scroll by Nest verch Tangwistel

2. Adam de Gallus Maunche, scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan

3. Katrusha Skomoroch Maunche, scroll by Lada Monguligin

4. Celia of Midland Vale Tyger’s Cub i: Edelfuica Diadre c: Nest

5. Gwwendolyn of Midland Vale Tyger’s Cub i: Margaret Twygge c: Nest

6. Newcomers to the SCA Presented with tokens

7. Marjorie de Catesby Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Conrad Connor MacAllyn

8. Marcus Isenax Award of Arms, scroll by Magdalena Lantfarerin

9. Loretta de Siena Presentation

10. The Baroness of Concordia, Lylie of Penhyll Presentation

11. Concordian Brewers Guild Presentation

12. Aislinn Chiabac Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Svea the Shortsighted w: Muirgheall

13. Gwenhwyfar atte Lake Award of Arms, scroll by Henna Sinclair

14. Maria de Moura, also known as Seonaid MacPhie Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Aleksei Dmitriev

15. Bakkar al-Bukhari, called Bruka the Saracen Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Eleanor Catlyng

16. Melisande of the Griffon Wood Laurel, scroll by Vettorio Antonello

17. Nadezhda Voronova or Nadia Laurel, scroll by Altani Khatagidai


NOTE: There are several Court Reports that will come out, most without photographs.