Cinnamon, a Red Tailed Hawk with Mistress Aife ingen Chonchoabir

Cinnamon, a Red Tailed Hawk, with Mistress Aife ingen Chonchobair in the background.

The East Kingdom is saddened to hear of the loss of the Calontir Falcons on the way home from Gulf Wars.   Master Freiderich von Blumenkamp of Calontir, Lady Lora Ann Rós and their son Liam’s car caught on fire on the return trip. Although all the humans escaped safely, unfortunately, none of the birds escaped. Artemis, a 21 year old Harris Hawk, Cinnamon a 5 year old Red Tailed Hawk. Winter a 4 year old gyrfalcon, Lady a 16 year old Aplomado falcon and Ra’n, a 4 year old American Kestrel died in the fire.

R'an, an American Kestrel

R’an, an American Kestrel

While on site the Gazette interviewed Master Freiderich, the Gulf War Falconry Coordinator, and Lady Lora Ann. They taught us the difference between a falcon and a hawk, spoke about falconry as a blood sport in SCA period and also about the modern process of becoming a licensed falconer in the United States. From October to March they hunt with the birds about 3 times a week. In April the birds molting brings the hunting season to a close.

Lady, an Apolmado Falcon, feeding.

Lady, an Apolmado Falcon.

Most magically, Master Friederich, Lady Lora Ann and another falconer from Trimaris allowed visitors to the mews to hold the falcons on their wrists.  All who saw the raptors were charmed by their beauty and grace. Both Her Majesty Thyra and Her Highness Etheldreda visited the Falconry tent, and many members of the populace posted photos and stories of their experiences to Facebook, considering it one of the highlights of the event.

Winter, a Gyrfalcon

Winter, a 4-year old Gyrfalcon. Held by Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne.

A fund to help the family of falconers has been set up by Lord Andromir Vukovic of Calontir. From the announcement posted on Facebook: ” The account is titled Falcon Fund. The intent is to collect funds to be dispersed to Lora Ann, Fredrick, and Liam (The Brooks family) via their bank account or to a disposable gift card. This is a convenient way to those in and out of Kingdom to show their kindness…otherwise, collection points for those wishing to give “made/purchased” pieces will be announced at a later time or you may contact me via private message. To connect to the PayPal account, the name is Falcon Fund and the email associated is andromirvukovic@ymail.com. Should you still wish to donate, but not via PayPal…contact me privately…”. Lord Andromir Vukovic, Mundanely known as Andy Cardin.

Artemis, a Harris hawk

Artemis, a Harris Hawk, taken at Lilies War, 2007. Photo by Muirgheal inghean Domhnaill

Article text and photos were provided by Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn.

Our thanks to Muirgheal inghean Domhnaill, for supplying this older photo of Artemis.