Baron Dinsdale shared the following message to prevent panic tomorrow at Crown Tournement…

It’s not often that my modern life and my SCA life intertwine thoroughly, but here we go:

For those of you heading to Crown Tournament on Saturday, an FYI:

woodcut manAt 12 Noon, you will likely hear sirens that will sound for approximately 3 minutes.  This is part of an annual FEMA-mandated test of the emergency alert system for the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station.  The Crown Tournament site is located in Richmond, NH.  Richmond is part of the Emergency Planning Zone for Vermont Yankee.  Hence, you will likely hear the alert sirens.  (Actually, if I don’t hear the sirens while at Crown, I’ll be calling some people to try to find out why I can’t hear them, but that’s my problem, not yours.)

Remember, this is only a test.

Baron Dinsdale of Northumbria, OP

also known as:
Anthony R. Leshinskie
Vermont State Nuclear Engineer and Decommissioning Coordinator (for Vermont Yankee)
Brattleboro, Montpelier, VT & Hartland, CT