Master Liam Saint Liam, he of many quests, has some suggestions for SCAdians wondering how to keep that magic post-Pennsic.

The last third of the year can be an odd time for the SCA, especially in the East Kingdom. It’s just way, way too early to start planning for Pennsic. (Of course, some of us find July 16 to be too early to be planning for Pennsic.)
October, and especially November and December, often revert to family events, seeing the people we “never visit during the summer,” because we are getting ready for, attending or recovering from Pennsic.

But there is still plenty going on, and there are plenty of things to do.
I suggest we all commit to two things a month, that way, you will have six new accomplishments headed into the new year, and you can continue the “Two-A-Month” plan into next year.

And, yes, this is pretty much blatantly stolen from my friend Elashava Bas Riva from Northshield. Sharing is caring.

1. Volunteer at one event or demo. This can be tough in the late part of the year, but there are still plenty of events that need someone at gate, doing dishing, setting up, breaking down or retaining for the royals.

2. Finish an old project. You know you want to. It *can* get finished.

3. Start a new project on something you have never done before. (This way you can finish it next year).

4. Either teach a class or plan one for early next year. There are various places to do this, including at local meetings or at events. There will be at least one Newcomers’ Schola coming up, and you really don’t want the new folks to get all their information from me and Master Ernst, do you.

. Write at least one award recommendation. You do not have to have the award in order to recommend someone for it, but you can and should use the Internet.


6. Meet a couple of new people at an event or a practice. Simply find a mutual friend and ask for the introduction. Heck, ask me. I know people.

7. Display something that you have made, whether in a competition or just at an A&S display, or even if you just bring it and show it around.

7. Ease out of your comfort zone. If you fight and almost always use sword and board, ask someone to hand you a polearm. If you fence, find a different parry item to play with. See if someone will let you fire a crossbow.

8. Offer a ride, a meal, or some time to a newcomer to help them find their way in the SCA.

9. Bring some kind of small token (a bead, a piece of ribbon, something you’ve made) to an event and give them out when you see an act of kindness or chivalry. I like to have small metal soldiers to give to kids who are doing something impressive.

10. Go to Crown. Seriously. Look it up and go. Stand with someone who knows about fighting and listen. Take breaks and go back and watch the semifinals and the finals. It’s wicked cool.

11. Start writing your persona story. Just open a document on your desktop, write your persona’s name, then list a half-dozen facts.

12. Write something for the East Kingdom Gazette. It’s not hard. I just did it while drinking two cups of coffee on a Saturday morning.

There are so many more ideas. Good luck.