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Join the Barony of Carolingia (northeastern Massachusetts) for a day full of activities for all ages on May 3rd. Spend the day trying out all the Society has to offer for our younger members, from youth combat to classes on all manners of arts and sciences, from dancing and music to thrown weapons. There will be equestrian activities, youth fencing, archery, and much more.arms Carolingia

Come meet other parents with children around your child’s age with parent and child meet and greets, bring the garb your children have outgrown to swap with other parents, and enjoy a sumptious dayboard of kid-friendly treats prepared by Ulf and Justinius, under the supervision of Fergus Redmeade.

Teens and Tweens! Come learn to make cheese, help out in the kitchen, or work gate. Have a skill you know how to do? Come teach it to younger kids. Bring the Arts and Sciences project you are working on to display, learn a new skill in one of our classes or pick up a new martial art.

If you would like to teach a class, please contact Baroness Leonete. You do not need a background check or specific experience teaching children in order to teach, and we are happy to help you adapt your class for the younger set. We are especially looking for those under 18 willing to teach.

More information can be found if you click here event announcement or on the Facebook Event Page.

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Yours in Service,

Baroness Leonete D’Angely

Lord Hrut Skumsonnur