Published on behalf of Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell

Mudthaw is this weekend and I hope to see many of you there! We are hosting an Artisan’s Village from noon to 2:30 and here is the current list of artists participating and what the demos/classes will be:

Elizabet Marshall: Will be demonstrating and teaching the Bayeux Tapestry stitches. She will have with her materials for teaching those familiar with using a needle and thread who are able to concentrate on careful, deliberate stitching. She will also have materials on hand to teach finger loop cording for ages 10 and up. Parents are requested to stay with their children.

Grimbold : Will be demonstrating Cold-working techniques of early metal smiths, including simple Anglo-Saxon cold-forging work in non-ferrous metals, Viking-era Danish decorative stamping and if time permits, ‘opus interrasile’, a rare Roman and Byzantine Empire openwork method. Reproduced tooling, techniques and works all based on period finds and research.

Iseaulte Blaecstan: Will be demonstrating weaving. All age levels are welcome to come and try their hand at the loom.

Edith Steyning: Will be demonstrating the craft of Lucet. All ages and skill levels are welcome to come and learn the skill or try out a new pattern. Adults are requested to stay with children as help with small hands is often needed. If you have a lucet please bring it. If you do not own one,  Lady Edith has lucet for you to use.

Eleanor atte Knolle and the members of Arachne’s Web, the East Kingdom’s Lace Guild, will be demonstrating bobbin lace. The Guild will provide those aged 10 and up with the opportunity to try their skills at bobbin lace.

Michele the Ubiquitous : Will be teaching simple origami. Come sit with her and fold. All ages welcome, must have at least a 5 minute attention span. More advanced models may be attempted time and skill level permitting.

Alesone Gray of Cranlegh- Confectioner for a Day. Come build with me! I will be building a 3D Settmour Swamp tower out of sugar paste. See how the whole process work, from a raw wire base to fully constructed tower. I will bring sugar paste and tools, you bring the imagination. Drop by and help build the tower for however long as you’d like.. I will have chunks of paste that folks can play with if you do not work on the project. Children 7-12 can participate with adult supervision.

Karin Jacobsdotter: Will be teaching how to make ancient wire rings and fibula. They will be working with ages 4 – 12 if a responsible adult accompanies them, 12 and up will be able to work on their own.

Alys Mackyntoich: Will be doing heraldic consultations, helping people pick reasonably authentic medieval names and coats of arms.  We will have books for people to look through for examples of period armory.   Children 5 and up are welcome with their parents, either to consult or to simply look at pictures.  Youths 13 and up (exceptions may be made for younger on a case by case basis) are welcome to come learn how to be heralds or prepare their own submissions.

Sabine de Kerbriant:  Will be teaching basic recorder skills at the beginning of the session, progressing to intermediate and up towards the end of our time. Once we’ve established a basic comfort level with breath control and scales, we’ll start working through SCA-period tunes like “En Mai au douz tens nouvel,” moving on to more complicated pieces at a pace appropriate for the group. More advanced players are welcome to join in from 1pm on. Loaner recorders and copies of the sheet music are available; ages 10 and up are welcome, and children 8-10 with adult supervision. Ability to read sheet music is helpful but not necessary.