woodcut-treesGreetings from the good gentles of the Barony Beyond the Mountain.  As the weather warms, young men’s and women’s fancies turn to thoughts of…  bows, great weapons and medieval life, of course!  Come join us for a day full of learning and competition.  Our archers have set forth a challenge to all comers, our warriors are teaching the finer points of great weapons, and our artisans are giving classes on daily life in medieval times.

Archery Challenge: This will be a team competition, to see which Barony or Shire has the best archers as a group. ALL archers present may compete. The top 5 scores from each barony/shire will be totaled, to determine each Barony’s/Shire’s score. The highest scoring group wins!

Great Weapon Schola and Tourney: The very best great weapon warriors and teachers that the Knowne World has to offer are right here, and now is the perfect opportunity to come and learn from them.  Mayfaire will feature a variety of classes in polearm, greatsword, spear, axe, etc.  with an emphasis on hands-on learning.  This is an incredible opportunity to either pick up a new weapons style, or refine your existing form with truly expert advice. Following the Great Weapon Schola will be a bear-pit great weapon tourney based Tarl’s Little Polearm Tourney from Pennsic.

“Day in the Life” Schola: For those inclined towards the Arts and Sciences.  Class schedule to be announced.

For more information, please see the event announcement and the event website.