quill pen, scroll, candleThis is a recurring series by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich on whether certain names currently can be documented to period based on existing evidence..  There are a lot of names that people think are medieval, but actually aren’t, and others which people think are modern, but in fact are found in the SCA’s period.  If you would like to suggest a name, send an email to the Gazette.

Today’s name is Mongo

The name “Mongo” conjures up memories of Blazing Saddles for many of us of a certain age (and thoughts of a hospital for magical maladies for others).  However, it is, in fact, a completely period name. It is a variant form of Mungo, the given name of the Scottish saint who is the patron of salmon and of the city of Glasgow.  As Mongo, it appears in Scots records as a given name dated to 1490 and c. 1592. [1]  In the spelling Mongow, it also appears in Scots records dated to 1579.[1]

Additionally, in one of those odd coincidences that often happens with language, “Mongo” is also a Mongol descriptive nickname meaning “silver.”

[1] “Index of Scots Names in Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue” by Sara L. Uckelman

[2]  “Mongolian Naming Practices” by Linda Miku