Greetings from your autocrat for Mudthaw. As always, we will need volunteers to assist with the smooth running of the event.

On Friday, March 21st, Master Galefridus Peregrinus will be heading up the setup for the event. If you are able to assist, please contact him –

On Saturday, March 22, we need volunteers for to assist with various activities throughout the day. Master Alexander MacGregor ( will be heading up the organization for inside activities, including the change over of the upstairs hall from day time activities to court and then having the chairs put away, the change over of the lower hall from day time activities to feast, and other needs to keep the hall in order.

Lady Eleanor Callaghan is in charge of troll, and I know she can use help, especially for the morning rush. Please let her know if you can volunteer –

Lady Jehane de Fenwyck ( will be overseeing the outdoor activities. She will need assistance in breaking down the baronial items used for the fighting and fencing lists, along with cleaning up the outside.

Lady Charis Accipiter ( be the head chef and I’m sure she would love any and all assistance in the kitchens.

Don Orlando Sforza ( will be in charge of cleanup and can certainly use assistance.

If you want to help out but not sure where, please get in touch with me.

Arts and Sciences Announcements:
The Annual Mudthaw Bread Baking Competition will be run by Lady Judith bas Rabbi Mendel (
This year the baking competition is for bread that either uses a period recipe, or could have been made in period. We will again have a novice category to encourage new bakers and those who have not competed before. Please include documentation and a full ingredient list for all entries.

We will be holding our first artisan’s row at Mudthaw on March 22nd. The idea is to have a place where members of our society can share their knowledge on various disciplines. We would like different activities where someone can drop in and learn a new craft or skill. The artisan’s row will run from noon until 2:30 PM. If you are interested in teaching or demonstrating your craft, please contact Mistress Elizabeth Lovell ( In addition to a description of your class/demonstration, please provide her with an appropriate age range. Please consider classes that would also be appropriate for our younger members (5-15 with parental supervision).

Don Owyn Greenwood
Autocrat, Mudthaw XXXIV