This Competition is open to any and all who would enter, a separate table will be set for a Youth Competition. There will be a Competition Winner as well as a Populace Winner. The site opens at 10:00 am, judging will begin at 1:00.

The Rules
1 – All entries must have been created within the past 2 years.
2 – All culinary entries must include a full ingredient lists.  Modern sanitary considerations must be taken in their preparation.  Entrants are responsible for keeping cold food cold and hot food hot.
3 – Research Papers need to be sent in before Mudthaw for proper review. Please also have a print out for presentation amongst the other entrants. Send Research/Paper entries to Caterina Giaocchini at onesleeve@yahoo.com by March1, 2014 to ensure enough time for review.

Entries will be judged as follows – 
Workmanship – construction, attention to detail, presentation.
Creativity – originality, interpretation.
Complexity – intensity of the design, difficulty, research and scope.
Authenticity – historical accuracy or interpretation.
Documentation – thoroughness, sources listed, ideas demonstrated. While not necessary for this competition, more points will come from having documentation.

There will be an A&S Display space laid out for those not wishing to enter the competition but still desiring to display.

Please pick up your entries and displays 1 hour before court.

Those interested in judging please contact Caterina Giaocchini at onesleeve@yahoo.com.
Judging sheets will be available on site.

April Fool’s Scribal Contest
There will be a Scribal Contest displayed at Mudthaw, the details for which are listed here  http://signet.eastkingdom.org/wp/2014/02/11/april-fools-scribal-contest/.

These entries will be judged, and winners will be announced on April 1, 2014 (A populace choice winner will be selected at Mudthaw). Criteria will include humor, creativity, and overall presentation. You don’t need to be a scribe in the East Kingdom College of Scribes to participate – all who can pick up a brush and a pencil are welcome to join in this challenge, and create a wonderful conversation piece you’d be proud to hang in your own home. Entries submitted for display at KWHSS will be available for pickup at specific East Kingdom events afterward, so don’t forget to include your contact information on the back!

Please pick up your entry 1 hour before court.