badge Herald


Greetings from the Brigantia Principal Herald of the Kingdom of the East.

At Curia on Jan 26th in Stonemarche it was proposed by  Baron Rowen H.E. to their Majesties and I to eliminate the requirement  for Shires to have a Herald. The reasoning was, when the requirement was added in January 2002, that having a local officer for heraldic  consultation was a very good thing. This requirement was more than what  Corpora requires of Shires.
With the advent of the Ask A Herald system and with the  pervasiveness of the internet into our lives this requirement has  become, in certain circles, viewed as a burden instead of a benefit.  Thusly it was moved to strike that additional requirement and bring EK  Law into line with Corpora.
Thusly, EK Law Section VII.H.3.b, which required Shires to  have heralds is no more. EK Law Section VII.H.3.c will be merged with  Section VII.H.3.b and will require a “Herald, Knight Marshal, or Minister of  Arts and Sciences” as a shire officer.
Now that the legalese is out of the way. This does not mean  the positions are going away. It only means the position of Shire Herald is no longer required for a local group to exist. I would prefer to see those who are Heralds of Shires continue their work and be a benefit to their local groups.

In Service to the Crown, Kingdom, and College,
Ryan Mac Whyte

Brigantia Principal Herald of the Kingdom of the East