Lady Ose Silverhair made Queen's Champion in court last year.

Lady Ose Silverhair made Queen’s Champion in court last year.

The deadline is fast approaching for the artisans and scientists of the East to register for the King’s and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Competition. All good gentles must pre-register by February 7 if they intend to compete. Already artisans from all corners of the Kingdom have indicated that they will be coming with their best work in the fields of illumination, embroidery, glass work and clothing. If you come to the event you will also meet people exploring velum making, medieval make-up, soap making, and bread recipes. Our researchers will also be there to talk to you about their work in linguistics, and the history of knighthood.

We need your help! With the competitors representing such a wide variety of interests and skills, it is especially important to have a varied group of judges to participate in the event. Please contact Lady Ose Silverhair or Lady Solskinn if you are able to lend your expertise on February 22.

Whether you want to compete, or display, or have the opportunity to discuss the arts and sciences with some of the best in the Kingdom, it is sure to be a day where everyone will learn something new. See the event notice for more information.