SCA shield Gulf Wars is seeking an individual willing to serve as a Deputy Exchequer for one year, then as the Gulf War Exchequer for the next two years with a final year as the Emergency Deputy. This position starts on or about February 1, 2014. The deputy will replace the current Gulf Wars Exchequer after August 1, 2014.

Requirements include the ability to arrive the Friday before the War and stay late the Monday after the War. Applicant must have internet and email capability along with knowledge of Excel and Exchequer experience in the SCA, especially doing quarterly reports. Gulf War volunteer work is desired. A local branch of Bancorp South and/or Region’s bank would be helpful.

As indicated – this is a four-year position with the first year (starting August 1, 2014) as Deputy Gulf Wars Exchequer and the next two years as the Gulf War Exchequer. The final year will be as the Emergency Deputy to the incoming Gulf Wars Exchequer. This position is a warranted deputy to the Society Exchequer.

All interested applicants should send both their modern and SCA resumes to Genevieve McCullum de Caen, the Gulf Wars Exchequer at exchequer@gulfwars.org and the Society Exchequer at exchequer@sca.org.The Gulf Wars Financial Committee and the Society Exchequer will review all applications.

Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2014