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arms-avonmoreThe new Shire of Avonmore in the Crown Principality of Tir Mara announces their first event, to be held Nov. 16 in Saint Marie, NB…

As it is known that the Shire of Avonmore (being a wild and newly settled land) is filled with outlaws, brigands, and highwaymen and even its coastal waters are filled with pirates, the Foresters have come to civilize the region.  Loyal to the Crown of the East and to its landed nobility, the Foresters patrol the wild green woods where men in heavy armor fear to tread.  No more shall travelers between the Shire of Lyndhaven and the Barony of Ruantallan come to harm in the dark forests of Avonmore as the foresters now protect the way.

The Foresters Fall feast and Faire is the year end celebration of the harvest and the hunt, a day of games, fellowship and feasting!

Activities will include:

  • Outdoor living Scholae classes (the one match fire and basic rope work for camping)
  • Arts and Sciences competition
  • Fencing competition
  • Heavy Fighting competition
  • Archery competition
  • Forester Games — Tug of War and Cat and Mouse tug of war
  • Indoor games — Quoits (ring toss) table billiards (guests are encouraged to bring games)
  • Merchants are welcome to set up in the Foresters Hall

Due to pirate and outlaw activities in Avonmore, any with skill at arms may be called upon and be duly deputized by the Foresters to form a posse comitatus and hunt down or evict a ruthless gang of cut throats rumored to have a winter camp in the area.  The Foresters are always grateful for assistance protecting the green.

Darkness falls early in the autumn and we shall retire inside for feast and fellowship.  The Foresters Guild Master will give awards to persons winning the games and competitions at the day’s events.

The feast is simple forester fare:

  • Cured beef
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • As well as a variety of lesser fare.

No extensive dayboard is planned, just simple fare but feel free to cook on the open fire with us pot luck style. Contact us if you have dietary issues and we will make an attempt to accommodate you.

For more information, please see the EK Event Announcement.