New Orleans Saints fabric swatches

New Orleans Saints fabric swatches

Start germinating those design ideas now — Her Majesty, Queen Avelina, has just posted the following challenge…

I am issuing a garb challenge for Birka. My challenge to the clothing artisans of the East is:

Pick your favorite sports team and interpret their uniform as a medieval garment or outfit.

Documentation is not required, however it is appreciated. I do not want to see crass commercialism. i.e. Going to Joann’s and buying Pittsburgh Steelers polar fleece and making a t-tunic is not what I am looking for. Instead, look at the lines and details of the uniform and see how it could be implemented. Is there a medieval way to incorporate the mascot into the decoration?

I’m sure people will have questions about this concerning things that I have not thought of, so this will almost certainly get refined over the next few weeks.

The thought was to review the entries during the Fashion Show at Birka. I will have a gift for the one I think best meets the challenge.



1) I’m going to let you, the creator decide what a “sports team” is. It does not have to be pro sports. If your favorite sports team is the Warwick Vets High School Hurricanes Softball team, go for it.

2) Any one can model. The creator of the garb will get the prize.

The next Market Day at Birka will be held January 24-25, 2014 in the Barony of Stonemarche. For more information, please visit the EK Event Listing or the Birka FaceBook page.