Hark!  Is that yon horn I hear, heralding in the hunters to come and celebrate the season?  (Why yes……… yes it is!)

Whom are they escorting on the road to Ruantallan?  I see wagons and horses, men, women and children… a veritable parade of……. Wait?  Could it be?  Their Majesties are enroute to visit our fair lands?

Oyez! Oyez!

Come spend a day of rejoicing in the plenty that the fall harvest has given us, welcome back the warriors from their long journey to lands foreign and near in defense of our homes and happiness.  Witness the majesty of… Their Majesties!

To honour those who reign our great principality, and in respect due to the Crowns of the East Kingdom, the humble Lady Juliana and her illustrious staff will endeavor to provide you all with a hearty day board in the Viking and Anglo Saxon styles.  Feast in the later day is to honour Herne the Hunter, as only Ruantallan can do, and show Their Majesties how Ruantallanites celebrate.

There will be a heavy combat tournament run by Baron William Lancton, the annual Herne the Hunter Herald’s championship, a child/youth tea with the Queen, a sewing/crafting circle with the Queen, children’s activities organized by m’Lady Juliote Castlenou D’Arry (Lilou), and more!

Please visit the Event page at http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2551 for further details.