A Gentleman and Gentlewoman’s Meal, the A&S winning entry

The Crown Principality of Tir Mara’s weekend was one of Thanksgiving, and a Gentleman and Gentlewoman’s Meal with a pie of that Turkish fowl led Lady Mergriet Van Wijenhorst to victory as Princess’ A&S Champion at the Tir Mara Rattan and A&S Championships Event held in the Shire of Lyndhaven on Saturday.  The competition, while small by kingdom standards, was well represented by the people of Tir Mara and high in standard of entry.  Katherine Murray was cloaked with the regalia of Prince’s Champion of A&S by His Majesty Kenric, both He and Her Majesty proudly bedecked in the blue & white stars of Their Crown Principality. Katherine was recognized for her work in dyes and the garments made from her explorations.  His Majesty also recognized Lord Guthfrith Yrlingson for his Anglo-Saxon Pin and Brooch with an Honourable Mention.  Lady Greta and Lady Cellach don were both present to be applauded and thanked for their year of service as out-going A&S Champions.

It was also the day for choosing the next Tir Mara Rattan Champions, and the outgoing Prince’s Champion, Sir Angus McHaley, devised an endurance tourney, run by Lord Conogan, a challenge to which the entrants rose.  At the end of the day the finals were between Lord Big Damn John and Lady Cornelia van den Brugg, sibling squires of Syr Yesungge Altan.  Lord John was victorious. In court John was called before Their Majesties and given the sword and tabard of the Tir Mara Prince’s Champion.  Then Her Majesty talked about the excellent day of fighting she witnessed and chose of the fighters to recognize Lady Cornelia as Her Tir Mara Champion. Lord Perceval Gower was present to pass off the BIG shield of Princess’ Champion for Cornelia, and was well thanked for his year of service.

Katherine Murrary was once again called from her position in court as Champion and given her Award of Arms. Then Wilfrid Iadun of Lyndhaven was called forth and also made a Lord of Their Court. The children of Tir Mara were called into the presence to receive toys from the Royal Toy Chest, including Lord Wilfrid’s very young son.


Their Majesties East , Prince & Princess of Tir Mara and Their A&S and Rattan Champions

Many people worked toward a very wonderful day in Lyndhaven, the event steward, Lady Mariota of Kildare had an excellent staff, and as people headed home from the beautifully decorated hall, many smiles could be seen. Vivant Lyndhaven! Vivant Tir Mara!