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Ministry of Arts and SciencesYou are cordially invited to St. Eligius Celebration of the Arts and Sciences, being held on November 16th in Meriden CT. The St. Eligius Arts and Sciences Competition has an unusual format this year and is designed to be something like a martial tourney, so this contest demands face-to-face scoring.  Each contestant declares his entry(s) as belonging to one of the following groups: (Yes, it is possible to have entries in 2 groups.)

Novices have entered a few small competitions (or none) & feel rather inexperienced in A&S contests.  (Analogy: competes in Rookie’s Tourney)

Artisans have entered competitions and have experienced getting feedback & refining their entry so it shows to best advantage. (Analogy: Cadet’s/Squire’s Tourney)

Experienced competitors have entered several local or Kingdom-wide contests. This group also includes any Laurel whose entry is anything-BUT-what-they-were-laureled-for.  (Analogy: competes in King & Queen’s Champion Tourney)

Laurels & masters are either members of the Order of the Laurel entering examples of the work(s) for which they received their recognition, or any non-Laurel who chooses to enter in this group and are demonstrating their mastery of an art or science.  (Analogy: competes in Crown Tourney or Best of the Knowne World Tourney)

Since it is the combatants who declare the winner of a martial bout, St. Eligius entrants will score entries in their contest group.  Orientation to scoring will be available for each entrant and an ombudsman-consultant will be available to each group. The St. Eligius 12 Questions sheet should accompany entries (strongly recommended), but other documentation would be accepted.  There is no age limit on entries. Bring your best but limit yourself to no more than 5 entries–although an entry can contain several items.

Research papers are limited to 8 pages & must be submitted electronically by Nov 3rd.  Though read by non-contestants, face-to-face scoring will occur.

Prizes will be awarded for each of the 4 contest groups: Novice, Artisan,  Experienced competitor, and Laurels &  masters. Prizes will also be awarded in focused contests: Progress, Medieval Moment, Best SCA Kludge, Populace’s Choice, Baron’s Choice, and the Master Alexander the Younger Challenge.

Complete rules, St. Eligius 12 Questions documentation sheet, and score sheet are at the Dragonship Haven event website.

A display is planned so people are encouraged to exhibit beautiful and marvelous works to amuse and astonish those present.

The event announcement.

We are hoping to see you at this event. We want to see how this contest works out.  Be prepared to give feedback!