EKOFFICERS_herald_GLOn behalf of Mistress Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald

With ever increasing amounts of information becoming available every year, providing advice about period naming practices and armory has become more and more complex.  Even the hardest-working local herald cannot possibly know every culture or every subject matter.  So, in order to better match people with knowledgeable heralds, today we have launched an e-consulting application.

SCAdians who want to work on medieval names and armory can now get in touch with a herald to help them with research through the East Kingdom website.  Under the “Getting Involved” tab, the menu now includes “Ask a Herald”.  Clicking “Ask a Herald” will bring you to a form.  Once you fill out the form, your information will be sent to the College of Heralds and your request will be matched with a herald who has knowledge to meet your particular needs.

For example, if you want a Gaelic name, you’ll be directed to our in-Kingdom Gaelic expert.  If you want Hungarian armory, you’ll be directed to the person with expertise in that area.

Help will be available for basic research, as well as filling out the paperwork and the process of registration.

Please note that filling out an “Ask a Herald” request is not the same as submitting your name, device or badge to the College of Heralds for registration.  The submission process requires the payment of fees and preparation of paperwork.

Questions about the “Ask a Herald” application, as well as questions about the submission and registration process for names and armory, should be directed to Mistress Alys Mackyntoich.