Queen Kiena models the hat being given to Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla upon his elevation to the Pelican.  Photo by Baroness Cateline la broderesse

Queen Kiena models the hat being given to Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla upon his elevation to the Pelican. Photo by Baroness Cateline la broderesse

The following is an edited version of the Unofficial Court Report written by Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah Vox Regis, for the Royal Court at River Wars.

As summer drew to a close Their Majesties attended the fourth River Wars in Their Barony of Iron Bog. Early in the day His Majesty convened a brief court and, summoning the Order of the Pelican before him, informed them that two new gentles were to be added to their Order.  Thereupon, Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla and Galefridus Peregrinus were summoned before the Court and the Order and commanded by the King to consider that day the question of whether they would accept the accolade of the Peerage.  The King then suspended His court and encouraged all to enjoy their participation in the great many activities that the day had to offer.

Their Majesties convened their Court later in the day, and invited the Baron and Baroness of Iron Bog to join them and to hold their court.  Many good citizens of Iron Bog were rewarded by the Baron and Baroness for their excellence and hard work, whereupon Their Majesties re-opened their Court.

First, Their Majesties heard a message from the Kingdom of the West from its emissary, Countess Adina Vischer von Hersbruck, who presented to Their Majesties a beautifully calligraphed scroll as a formal invitation to the East to come ally with the West at Great Western War.

Next, Their Majesties invited all those children present to come forward and select a toy for themselves from the Royal Toy Box.

Next, a cry was heard for Elysabeth Underhill to present herself before Their Majesties. Words were spoken to her of the amount of good work she was known to be involved in, whereupon she was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent.  A medallion was presented to Elysabeth with a lucet cord woven by Elysabeth’s Pelican, Mistress Marion del Okes, as well as a scroll created by Kayleigh McWhyte and Dosalena Sophia Della Mirandola.

Next, Her Majesty required the presence of both Lady Constanza Maria Colonna and Mistress Catheryn Shadwell.  As Mistress Catheryn was not in attendance, Mistress Jehannine de Flandres stood for the absent lady.  In gratitude for the lovely garments and excellent services provided by both ladies to Her Majesty, Queen Kiena bestowed upon them both her Queen’s Cypher.  Her Majesty further created Mistress Catheryn a Seamstress to the Crown.

Next, their Majesties caused to be summoned before the Court five gentles: Lord Þórlæifr hvitskegg, Baroness Alesone Grey, Lady Tysha z Kieva, Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco and Mistress Jeanine de Flandres.  In gratitude for the lovely clothing created by these good gentles, Her Majesty presented them with gifts and created them Seamstresses and Tailor to the Crown.

Their Majesties then called forward all those in attendance who were newly come to The Society. Her Majesty welcomed all who came forward and handed to each a small token of a coin by which to remember this day.

Next, Their Majesties had the herald call forward Tikaz Eörsebet, or one who might speak for her. Mistress Kis Maria, Baroness of Carillion, came forward in her subject’s name. Eörsebet was then awarded Arms and the lovely scroll created for her by Violante de Rojas was at long last read in court.

Next, Their Majesties had the Herald call forward Their Order of the Maunche, and soon after the name Markesa de Carvalhal.  For her skills at bookbinding, the Lady Markesa was inducted into the Order, with a medallion made by her Laurel, Master Iheronimus Bruckner, and a book-bound scroll created by Lady Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Her Majesty Kiena then caused the Herald to summon Lady Tessa Boncheval.  That Lady being absent, Baroness Jehannine de Flandres appeared in her stead.  Her Majesty spoke in glowing terms of the great service provided by Lady Tessa as Royal Governess, and for that service endowed the said Lady with a Queen’s Honor of Distinction.

Next, The Majesties summoned one Mairi Muir before the Court.  For her good qualities and generosity of time to the Barony of Iron Bog, their Majesties awarded Mairi Arms, with a scroll made for her by her own mother, Caitriona ingean Sheamuis.

Her Majesty then commanded the Captain of her Guard to escort one of the Guard, Mabel Fortune, before the Thrones.  Her Majesty praised the good character and service provided by Mabel during the reign, and caused the Herald to read a document created by Charis Accipiter awarding Arms to Mabel.  The words of the document were written by Queen Kiena herself.

Now the Order of the Pelican was called forward to hear the answer to be given by the candidates sent on vigil earlier that day.

First, Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla was called forth.  Four worthies spoke of the qualities of the candidate: Sir Seosamh an Crúca O’Maille for the Order of the Chivalry; then for the Order of the Laurel the words of Master Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon as read by Mistress Eularia Trewe; Mistress Alys Mackyntoich for the Order of the Pelican; and Countess Rebekah Kleinspielerin of Ansteorra as a Lady of the Rose and Royal Peer.  With a medallion, a cloak and a cap of maintenance that had all been custom made for Diego especially, and a scroll with beautiful illumination and calligraphy by Isabel Chamberlaine and words by Alys Mackyntoich, Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla became a Master of the Order of the Pelican.

Galefridus Peregrinus was called then.  Mistress Jeanine de Flandres released the said Galefridus from his bonds as her protégé and four worthies spoke of the qualities of the candidate: Sir Mitchell MacBain for the Order of the Chivalry; Master Alexander Lerot d’Avignon for the Order of the Laurel, with his words read by Mistress Alys; Mistress Fianachet Karmen, called Fia, for the Order of the Pelican; and Countess Þóra Eiríksdóttir as a Lady of the Rose and Royal Peer.  Mistress Fia gifted her personal Pelican medallion to Galefridus, and he was also given gifts in the form of a Chirurgeon’ss achel, with the symbols of both the Chirurgeon and the Pelican upon it, and a cap of maintenance.  A scroll memorializing Galefridus’ elevation to the Order of the Pelican was read aloud in Latin and in the vulgar tongue, with words by Master Alexander Lerot d’Avignon and Mistress Alys Mackyntoich and calligraphy and illumination by Catarina Giaocchini. With this Their Majesties gave leave to the fine Order to welcome their two newest companions.

The Crown of the East then summoned before the Thrones Master Ryan Mac Whyte, Brigantia Herald, and the Crown Prince and Princess set a Quest upon him:  First, he was to learn a calligraphy hand, reasonably well, and both author and pen 2 scrolls for the Kingdom. The second part was to learn a second calligraphy hand, and in this one, he was to pen the names of every past and present King and Queen of the East. The deadline for completion of these two tasks was to be this next Mudthaw coming.

There being no further business that day, Their Majesties closed Their Court and retired to prepare for feast.

These are the events as I witnessed them this day.
Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Vox Regis

(This report has been edited for length)