Tidings from the Brigantia Principal Herald.

badge East Gawain

The East Kingdom College of Arms is proud to announce that the Order of Gawain is now Fully registered with the SCA College of Arms. The Badge which has been in use since Gryffith and Aikaterine, the Green Garter with Yellow Star, passed without conflicts. * East, Kingdom of the. Order name Order of Gawain and badge. (Fieldless) A garter buckled in annulo vert charged on the tongue with a mullet Or.


badge East Tyger of the East

The Tygers of the East have also had a badge registered for them.

* East, Kingdom of the. Badge for Tyger of the East Kingdom, Order of the. (Fieldless) A demi-tyger azure.

I would like to personally thank the entire Brigantia Staff, especially Mistress Alys, Eastern Crown Herald, and Lord Jocelyn, Blue Tyger Herald, and all those who commented and contributed to the registration process, for all their hard work in getting a very large chunk of the unregistered Kingdom’s awards finally registered with the SCA College of Heralds.