The Tyger and Bucket Tavern (Saturday September 14th at 5:00 PM in South Hiram, Maine) is Malagentia’s semi-annual non-event event.  Run with a skeleton staff of serving wenches and kitchen crew it seeks to bring the local community together by allowing everyone in attendance to participate in the central activities: schmoozing and eating.

Tyger and Bucket

The brain-child of Lady Honig von Sommerfeldt, currently Chatelaine for the Province of Malagentia, this event strives to be a fun event for the old timers who come to catch up with friends old and new, as well as an easy event for a newcomer to attend.  Where other events are centered around activities that must be a developed skill before one can participate (such as fighting, archery, arts & sciences displays etc.) you don’t need to know how to do anything but eat to have a great time at this event and be a full participant in the goings-on. This will be the eighth incarnation of the Tavern, which materializes Brigadoon-like from the mists each spring and fall.  There is an unwritten low-regalia dress code that helps new people feel at ease and lets those folks who wear the burden of peerage, crown, or coronet set it down for an evening and be “just like regular folks”.

Please join the Bad People of Malagentia for this enchanting evening.  Check your stuffy authenticist cred at the door and relax.  Travelers from afar are enjoined to settle in among these simple folk and share their war stories from the summer.  Learn the secrets of the Schnitzelbank, strut your hirsute handsomeness in the hairy chest contest, purchase a pickle to be delivered by the talented pickle dancers, raise your voice in song, bring a bottle of your best home brew to share and feast and laugh until you guts might burst.

And just in case that isn’t enough to lure you out into the wilds of Malagentia on a crisp autumn evening the a-la-carte menu just might:  Chef Gryff will be preparing the following delicacies which will be priced on a per-plate basis, dished up onto your own feast gear, and served to you by smiling, friendly wenches:

  • Salad of mixed greens with olives, feta, chickpeas and a honey lemon za’atar dressing. [$4]
  • Sausage, cheese and fruit plate [$7]
  • French onion soup with toasted gruyere cheese crouton [$4]
    (available in a bread bowl for $1 more)
  • Savory Toasted cheese and dipping bread or dipping veggies [$5] (available in a bread bowl for $1 more)
  • Chicken Stew [$5] (available in a bread bowl for $1 more)
  • Strawberry Tarts with rose and almond. [$3]
  • Pears poached in blackberry mead with blackberry sauce. [$3]
Bring a chair and feast gear. There will be a fire pit around which to gather and there are usually some itinerant minstrels who take their ease here.