AcreThe Kingdom of Acre in invites all to join them on September 20-22 for a Crusade.  The weekend will include armored and rapier battles, archery, an Arts and Sciences display and classes.  The event will be held at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange, Connecticut, which has tent camping and some cabins available.

The weekend has a full schedule, which includes a three hour armored resurrection battle with combat archery in which fighters will select either a Templar, Hospitaller or Byzantine role.  A feast will be served on Saturday night.  After dinner, the amphitheater will host a huge fire pit for bardic performers or those telling stories of past battles.

Descriptions of all martial scenarios, a full class list and A&S display information is available at the Autumn Crusade website.  Site fees include Saturday’s day board and are $15 for an adult, $10 for children under 12 years.  The camping fees includes breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday mornings and are $15 per person for a cabin (6-8 in a cabin) or $10 per person for tents.  Saturday night’s feast is an additional $10 per adult, $4 per child.   Event reservations can be made at the Eventbrite website.

Space is available for merchants.  Questions about the event can be directed to Countess Adriana di Salaparuta.  Inquiries about teaching of the A&S display can be directed to Lady Elena di Salaparuta.