Greetings Lords and Ladies,

There is a special project that needs your attention. New underwear,
socks and diapers are needed for Project Undercover. This organization
provides these important items to under privileged children in Rhode
Island. Most of us take these items for granted, but for the youngest,
having enough diapers can be a health concern, and for the older
children, decent undies is not only a matter of comfort, but one of self

If you could donate a new pack of underwear or socks or a box of
diapers it would be most appreciated. We will be collecting these at the
Coronation of TRHs Kenric and Avelina on October 5th.  Donation boxes will be located at Gate and in the Merchant Area (near the Quintavian Pavilion ).

Thank you,
Vibeke Steensdatter
If you have questions please contact: Carol Stevenson – Vibeke
Steensdatter ( or,
Annette Fox – Eleanor le Brun (
link to the official site for the project.