Harvest Moon Shoot is coming right up. Saturday, Sept. 14 at Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds in South Hiram, Maine. There are some great things in store. https://www.facebook.com/events/1385201558359050/

The site is spacious and rain resistant, with covered areas for most or all of the activities.

Archery is the focus of the day, with a hunt theme. Alexandre and Adrienne and their crew will be marshaling the fields, with standard and friend & foe targets, and Iain will be running the Wood’s Walk, a roving range through a forest path with 3D targets.

Scores will be tallied at 2:30 and the best archers in each category will compete in an exciting spectator-friendly shoot-off under the pulling ring roof. Alexandre has built a marvelous dueling tree. Three water balloons will be hung from each side of a suspended beam and shooters will race to pop theirs first. Each pop causes the balance to shift and the remaining balloons to move. There will be a beautiful walnut bow or crossbow wall hanger for the Best Hunter (non-local) and a scroll by Lady Odelina for the Yeoman category. The top finishing Malagentian will receive a scroll by Lady Christiana Crane to keep and the honor of bearing the Malagentia Provincial Archery Champion hunting baldric for the year.

Not interested in the main competition? You can still win a prize! Complete a short checklist of archery activities and enter your name in a drawing for a lovely belt pouch.  1234255_10202029709810116_135815914_n

Samuel Peter DeBump, more commonly known as Speedbump, will be offering a combat archery series, including classes in construction and technique, authorization attempts, and possibly some CA dueling. If you have an interest in CA but need some questions answered or help getting started, come take advantage of this rare opportunity.

There will be a Heavy List tourney. The local victor will win the title of Malagentian Heavy List Champion and bear an recently unearthed ancient Malagentian artifact as regalia for the year. The best fighting visitor will receive a set of drinking vessels, perhaps to be used at Tyger and Bucket Tavern later in the evening.

The Malagentian Thrown Weapons Champion will also be determined, and  Boden has found an antique brass-headed axe as regalia for that honored thrower.

A lighthearted fencing tourney will be held. An embroidered favor, currently worn by Don Jordan Harvey, will be borne by the victor until next year.

Display your hunt-themed arts & sciences projects, finished or in progress. Elgiva Wilhelm will be coordinating.

Christiana Crane will be preparing a hearty day board. There is a menu at http://harvestmoonshoot.com/activities/food/

After the event, grab a bottle and visit the legendary Tyger & Bucket Tavern, a separate event conveniently located on the same site. Bawdy shenanigans and delectable victuals. Your Harvest Moon Shoot site token gives you free entry to the tavern. See https://www.facebook.com/events/555903351137080 for more.

All this PLUS lots more!

Google Map: http://bit.ly/hmslocation

Harvest Moon Shoot Facebook event page:

Harvest Moon Shoot website: http://harvestmoonshoot.com/