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Photo and beads by Lady Tola Knityr

Photo and beads by Lady Tola Knityr

Originally started in the Middle Kingdom as The Bead Rescue Project, this activity aims to educated the populace about period glass beads throughout history. Beads are “hidden” at an event, waiting for some lucky person to find them and take them home. If you find a bead, it is yours to keep! However, we encourage you to come to the  project table at the event to learn more about your bead, and to receive a cord so you can wear your new bead with pride.

Since River War’s represents Iron Bog’s 30th Birthday, we will be hiding 30 black and white beads at the event.

photo and beads by Mistress Elizabeth Lovell

photo and beads by Mistress Elizabeth Elanore Lovell

There will also be a Beadmaker’s Artisans Row at the event where interested individuals can learn more about how we recreate historic beads today.

For more information, visit our brand new website: http://lonelybeadproject.wordpress.com/, or contact Lady Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa) at laralu@gmail.com.

If you want to make beads with us at the Artisans Row, please contact Lady Naomi bat Avraham at naomi@blastedoak.com or Mistress Brunissende de Brocéliande at mathilde.poussin@gmail.com