CarolingiaOn August 31st, Carolingia invites all comers to sack the barony by trying to win the prizes from numerous tourneys.  In celebration of the one year anniversary of Baron Fergus and Baroness Imigla, Baronial Champions will be chosen for archery, arts & sciences, fencing, heavy list, performance and thrown weapons.  All competitors are welcome regardless of whether or not they want to be baronial champions.

The site is a lovely building located on acres of conservation land.  The A&S competition will be held indoors along with dancing.  Outdoors will be all the martial and performance competitions.  Inspections for the martial competitions will begin at 11:30.  A continuous day board will be served throughout the vents.

For more information, see the event announcement  at http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2469