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Art of DefenseRapier Field Battle was Sunday, July 28, and the East won all three battles! No further details at hand, but the East took that war point.

Rapier Champions Battle was Monday, July 28, and Midrealm took that War Point, though it was close.

Of 21 total bouts, the Midrealm won 11 with East only winning 10. East won the 20-on-20 Melee, but during the 20 separate One-on-One bouts, Midrealm won 11, with the East and Allies winning only 9, for a total score of 11 to 10 Mid.

Of special note, Don Orlando of the East took on the His Majesty Damien, King Calontir, using cut and thrust weapons and rules, as that is the only form used in Calontir.

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