The East Kingdom Gazette encourages submissions of any news related articles about the SCA that would be of interest to people living inside the East Kingdom.  If you would like to submit an item, please note the following guidelines that we’ve set to respect the privacy of our friends and neighbors.

  • Use SCA names only in articles unless you have prior approval from an individual to use their legal name.
  • Please get prior approval from an individual before listing their contact information.
  • We welcome photographs to illustrate articles, but we don’t want people’s faces showing up on our site if they’d prefer not to be seen on it.  Please check with anyone whose face is prominently visible before submitting photos.

Items can be mailed to  Be sure to include your name as you wish it to appear as the author of the story.  The editor in charge of that day will publish the piece on the blog or get back to you with any questions.

Thank you for helping us connect the Kingdom

Disclaimer: Submission is not a guarantee of publication and any content submitted may be edited for grammar, clarity, length or suitability for the Gazette audience.


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