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Many of our readership will be joining our noble King and valorous Queen on the fields at Pennsic.  Those of us who will remain at home to tend homesteads and fend off bandits and otherwise maintain the King’s peace throughout the realm will be eager for news from the battlefields and parties and courts and classes.

All Eastern Pennsic attendees are hereby invited to become remote reporters for the Gazette during their sojourn. Submit your news to us via email at eastkingdomgazette@gmail.com. Anyone with access to email can submit news from the front and the daily editors will assemble, collate and publish a collection of reports received to the news-starved populace at home. Please take a moment now to read our submission guidelines so that the editors will have everything that they need to make your news known.

Disclaimer: Submission is not a guarantee of publication and any content submitted may be edited for grammar, clarity, length or suitability for the Gazette audience.