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imagesUnto all who read these words, greetings and the bonds of friendship.

Today I write you a letter of portent announcing that the Bhakail Champions & Commons event is to be held on Sunday, August 18th, 2013 beginning at 11am and continuing until 6pm.  I also carry words from Their Excellencies’ Martial Champions:

Lady Zhelana Tomeslavitsa hails all who seek the honor of becoming the next Rattan Champion of Bhakail and summons them to attend her tourney.  The format for the fighting will be determined by the number of competitors.  Those who seek out this great honor will receive points not only for each victorious bout on the list field, but also points for any display of the Arts & Sciences, be it armor or embroidery, or any other Art or Science the combatant favors to show the mighty skill of the would-be-champion off the field, as well as points for displays of the fighter’s personal heraldry, for heraldic display is greatly admired by Their Excellencies.  In addition, Their Excellencies will also award points for chivalrous behavior both on and off the list field that day, for their champion must not only be a skilled competitor, but also an honorable one.  If a competitor seeks out the aid of a herald or a bard to cry them on to the list field at the start of the tourney, or they herald themselves in, this will also be a way for them to win a higher score from Their Excellencies of Bhakail.  Their Excellencies Mael Eoin & Ysmay will make their decision as to who will be Their next Rattan Champion based on both the tourney results and the merits of each competitor as outlined above, for a champion of Bhakail is chivalrous, mighty, and talented.

Lord Davius St.  Jacques sends word to all who seek great acclaim as Rapier Champion of Bhakail to attend his tourney.  There will be a fast-paced Round Robin to determine point values of each competitor.  Each competitor’s points will be equal to the number of victorious bouts in the round robin plus one point for a Silver Rapier and two points for a Golden Rapier.  Following the Round Robin, there will be a Challenge Round, where the victor of each bout receives points equal to the value of their bested opponent, plus a bonus for their chosen weapons form with single sword worth 4 points, defensive offhand and two-hander being worth 3 points, dagger worth 2 points, and case worth one bonus point.

The full text of the announcement, and all relevant details can be found on the East Kingdom Event Caledar here: http://eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2480

Fare thee all as well as I fare,
Martyn de Halliwell
Autocrat, Bhakail Champions & Commons