Bhakail InvestitutreKing Gregor and Queen Kiena invited all to witness as they invested the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Bhakail. First, they sat witness to the last court of Baron Nissim aven Darmon and Baroness Sabine de Kerbriant, then when their business had been concluded, and their retainers had been sent ahead their Excellences placed their coronets in the care of Their Majesties. Their Majesties however had business with them first, and called for their presence. First They thanked Nissim and Sabine for their service, and then They created of them a Court Baron and Baroness. For the newly made Baron Darmon the words written by Rowen Cloteworthy were read from a scroll lettered by Henna Sinclair and illuminated by Emma Mackilmone, and for the newly made Baroness Kerbriant words written by Thodora Bryennissa, called Treannah were read from a scroll by Catarina Giaocchini.

Then in token of Their gratitude, Their Majesties granted these two a boon.The Baron and Baroness requested the boon be passed onto two Baronesses of Bhakail, and called forward Baroness Philadelphia Brown and Baroness Judith the Confused. These two spoke highly of the work done by Jadwiga Piwowarka-Miodosytnika and asked that Their Majesties consider bestowing an Award of Arms upon her. Their Majesties called this gentle forward, which required a messenger be sent to the kitchen where she was even now hard at work. When Jadwiga came before Them, Their Majesties recognized the words that had been spoken on her behalf, spoke with her some more about her time in Their Kingdom, and chose then to make of her a Lady of Their Court. A scroll was promised to her, and once His Majesty had presented this newly made Lady to those assembled, she asked if she might be allowed to return to her work in the Kitchen.

bhakailThe next important business of this day was to invest the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Bhakail. The Herald called for Mael Eoin mac Echuid and Ysmay de Lynn, who came forward alone, with solemn purpose and steady step to receive the coronets and to swear their oaths to Their Majesties. Their Majesties received them gladly and His Majesty spoke clearly about the responsibility and trust They were placing with them in making them Baron and Baroness of Their lands Bhakail. Promises made, oaths sworn on the Sword of Bhakail and the coronets were placed upon their heads. A scroll for Baron Mael Eoin, created by Saerlaith ingen Chennetig was read, and for Baroness Ysmay, a scroll illuminated by Kis Marika, called Mika and lettered by Jonathan Blaecstan was read. With that, a new Baron and Barroness sat upon the dias beside Their Majesties.

Their Majesties then suspended Their Court, that the new Baron and Baroness could hold their first court. First Baron Mael Eoin called forth their Baronial Officers to assist them. Next they called forward the Champions of Bhakail to stand with them. Last they called forward their retainers to watch over them, and encouraged all others who would like to help to come and speak to them whenever they could.

At this point Their Excellencies were prepared to sit in state and Their Majesties allowed them to take their leave to do so, and released all those in attendance to enjoy the other offerings of the day.

Later in the day Their Majesties reconvened Their Court, calling forward The new Baron and Baroness Bhakail. The King and Queen bade Their herald call forward Lady Lissa Underhill and The Honorable Lady Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer. Both the King and Queen spoke of the importance of the position of Chancellor of the EKU and confirmed with Lissa that she desired to step down from the position; she acknowledged that this was her wish and then Isabelle confirmed that it was her desire to take on this roll. Their Majesties thanked Lissa for all of her hard work, and welcomed Isabelle to the challenge.

Next it was Mistress Hedewegis Ockenfussin who was called to appear before Their Majesties. She arrived with glad news indeed. With remarks about new shires and other new groups indicating a growing population, she got to the core of her business in Their Court, which was to announce not one, but three insipient groups: the Shire of Avonmore which was in southeastern New Brunswick, the Riding of Giggleswick which exists in southern Maine and the Shire of Nordenfjord which resides in Rockland County, NY.

The cry then went up for [REDACTED]. However, this gentle was not present. Whispered stories of his travels to Her Majesties homelands of Scottland. The Queen spoke kindly of one who would travel to this place of Her Heart, and of her desire to make [REDACTED] a Lord of Their Court this day despite his absence. She bade Her herald announce Her will, and Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay agreed to accept the scroll that recorded those words, which had been created for him by Chrestienne la Pecheresse, who is also known as Brunissende Dragonette, and to ensure it was received by [REDACTED] upon his return.

Her Majesty then sent individuals to bring before her Alesone Gray of Cranlegh. She spoke fondly of this Baroness of Their Court, and His Majesty called her a Treasure of the East and expanded on the many fine accomplishments They had witnessed of her. Her Majesty then teased of punishment for this fine woman’s inability to hold back from helping wherever it might be needed, and even went so far as to produce a finely crafted wooden paddle. She then however revealed that this paddle was in truth engraved with the words making Alesone a companion of the Order of the Burdened Tiger, that had been made for her by Arden of Icombe. These words were read aloud, and the order received her into their ranks gladly.

The Queen had Her Champion of Rapier Combat, Don Davius Saint Jacques, called before Her. She questioned him regarding how they were going to handle the Ladies of the Rose Rapier Tournament at Pennsic, as his elevation to Don rendered him ineligible to represent Her. She had what She considered to be a cunning plan to take his position with the Order of the Golden Rapier away from him, temporarily, so that he could fight for her. She did note however that others felt this was not as good a plan as it first appeared, and so She had conceded that they should instead select someone who could stand in for him and so She wished to know his choice for this. Don Davius called forward Lord Melchior Kriebel as his choice, and Her Majesty happily accepted him for the task.

Next called into Court was Minerva le Just. His Majesty spoke of how pleased They were that she helped so readily with children’s activities, that she stood ever ready to help and made mention of how giving her award of arms was long past due. The scroll created by Jonathan Blaecstan for her alone was read, and His Majesty introduced the newest Lady of Their Court.

Baroness Jehannine de Flandres was next bade present herself, for she had requested a moment in Their court to make an announcement. She asked the Herald to call out the name she had given to them, and Mongo Chinua’s name was spoken. Baroness Jehannine spoke of her presence here in the position of Deputy Captain-General of the Archers to announce that this man had achieved the rank of Master Bowman and that she had a medallion for him to wear. Lord Mongo requested that his Mentor be allowed to place the medallion around his neck, and Their Majesties allowed this to be so.

The next name called was Jence Brunerson. To this young man, Her Majesty mentioned all the wonderful things She had heard about him. His helpfulness in Bhakail camp at Pennsic, digging pits, hauling ice, water and wood, that he’d even served as a guard at East Kingdom Royal. In fact this very day he had served as one of Her own Queen’s Guard. They had decided to make him a Lord of Their Court. The scroll made for him by Leofric AEt Cofentree was read and presented to him then.

Next Her Majesty spoke of a troublemaker and had Don Owynn Greenwood brought forward and frisked, lest he be carrying trouble directly into Her presence. As he knelt before Her, she mentioned that recently he had been made a Member of the Order of the Golden Rapier, but that due to a momentary lapse, the scroll for this award had not made it to the event. So now She wished to honor the scribe who had done such beautiful work by having the scroll formally read and presented to him in Court, and so it was done and Isabel Chamberlaine’s fine work was seen by all present.

His Majesty next required the presence of Katrin Per Daans. The work she had done for Bhakail was well known to both the King and Queen, and her efforts, which included garb worn by Their new Baron this day, deserved reward in Their eyes. So with the reading of a scroll who’s illumination was by Magdalena the Migrant, and who’s calligraphy was by Bricia de Neubold, Katrin now became the newest Lady of Their Court.

The last formal piece of business on the docket for this day was for one called Jabril ibn Ammar alFayyad, and he was called forward. Her Majesty commented that this was the Baroness’s Jabril, as opposed to the Queen’s Jabril, and that it was good that there were two Jabrils. Their Majesties then discussed all the work that this Jabril had done over the years for the Barony of Bhakail, the various offices he had held and how significant his impact had been on Combat Archery in the Southern Region. Then they had called forward Their Order of the Silver Crescent, and with words written by Lillia de Vaux, penned by Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy and illuminated by Ian of Tadcaster he was welcomed into the Order joyfully.

His Majesty then stood and thanked all of Bhakail for the warm welcome, and congratulated the new Baron and Baroness once again.

There being no further business that day, Their Majesties closed Their Court.

These are the events as I witnessed them this day.

Baroness Theodora Bryennissa Vox Regis

June 29, 2013

Photographs by Baronne Cateline la broderesse