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macarcher1Though the days are warm and the season of battle rages wildly around us, it is the wise warrior who also looks to the future and the coming autumn when a full harvest moon rises over the land and the summer’s adventures are all but memories.

The Province of Malagentia (Southern Maine) invites one and all to our Harvest Moon Shoot to be held on September 14th at the fabulous Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds in the town of South Hiram, ME.

The day will feature something for everyone including a wide range of archery competitions for young and old, novice and veteran, as well as a series of Malagentian Provincial Championship tournaments including archery, heavy list and thrown weapons. There will also be a lighthearted rapier tournament.

For more details you can visit the event website and join the event on Facebook.

Malagentia’s favorite bar the Tyger and Bucket Tavern will be joining the Harvest Moon Shoot this year to provide merriment, food, and fun long into the evening.  This will be run as a separate event and an announcement will be available soon.