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Art of DefenseCurrent Eastern King’s Bard and Companion of the Order of the Laurel, Grim the Skald has issued the following challenge to the rapier fighters of the known world. He is challenging any and all rapier fighters to face him on the battlefield and so become part of an epic poem that he will write about the experience, the fighters, and the practice of fencing in general.

Complete details including upcoming events where you can expect to find Grim can be found on the East Kingdom Wiki page for his challenge.  

 Unto the various rapier fighters of the SCA does Grim the Skald, Order of the Laurel of the East Kingdom, send greetings.

I am a poet. My love for poetry is deep-seated and well known across my Kingdom. I have more recently come into a love for Rapier Combat, and I have a wish to pay tribute with one love from the other. Therefore do I issue this challenge.

I, Grim the Skald, do hereby invite all Rapier Fighters of the various Kingdoms of the SCA to fight me this summer. I shall meet any comers with either a matching or non-matching form – your choice. I also invite you to write your name, Kingdom, and any details you wish about yourself into a book I shall have with me. I hereby swear that I shall incorporate these names into at least one poem in a medieval style by the end of A.S. 48. This poem is intended to honor my opponents in specific and rapier combat in general.

I will begin this challenge at the Summer Solstice and end it on the Fall Equinox. I shall be in the East for most of this – I will also be at Pennsic and I hope to make it to Aethelmearc at least one other event.

You shall know by my arms – a field or, on a saltire cotised gules a Norse sun cross argent. I shall have a small banner with me – if my arms are displayed (other than on my shield while fighting,) I am available to fight. I welcome all comers any all skill level, and thereby hope to increase my own skills.
In Service to the Society,
Grim the Skald

The Arms of Grim the Skald