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The East Kingdom University has developed a Teacher Database. This resource is designed to help connect class coordinators and people interested in learning more about an art or science with teachers and mentors throughout the East Kingdom. The resource will be updated each year by EKU staff to keep it current and to maintain its usefulness for the populace of the kingdom.

To access the volunteer form, or the database itself, please visit the “Teacher Database” tab of the EKU website at: http://eku.eastkingdom.org/cms/?q=content/teacher-database

At the moment, only the volunteer form is available. Those individuals who are willing to register with the database and volunteer to be contacted to teach about their art/science/martial activity, can go to the EKU website and fill out the form provided. In a few weeks, once we have information to populate the resource with, a separate announcement will be sent out so interested individuals can begin to use this resource to make connections!

The EKU would like to thank the Kingdom webminister, Lady Raffaella Mascolo, for her help with this project.

If you have questions about this resource, please feel free to contact Lady Elysabeth Underhill directly. This project is a work in process, so constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated.

-Lady Elysabeth Underhill
EKU Chancellor