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Mistress of ListsThe fine warriors of this Eastern Realm are advised to check their paperwork, and if they need new or updated authorization cards before Pennsic, please note:

Due to the early date of Pennsic this year, the deadline for the Kingdom Minister of the Lists to receive your authorization paperwork in order for you to receive your card back in time for Pennsic is June 12th, 2013.

If you are mailing your own form, please confirm that you are sending the form to the correct address by consulting the East Kingdom Minister of the Lists website and mailing your forms to the address listed there.  You can also contact your local Minister of the Lists for help making sure your paperwork gets sent to the right place. They can also help you double-check that everything is correctly filled out so that your card is not delayed for clerical reasons.

The Kingdom Minister of the Lists will not stop processing forms that are received after this deadline, and will do her best to get as many cards as possible sent out before Pennsic, but if you want to be sure, meet the deadline.