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In addition to the usual host of excellent festivities, this year’s Great Northeastern War in Hebron, ME will host the Northern Region Rattan Championship.  Reigning Northern Region Rattan Champion Lord Richard Crowe will host a tournament open to all residents of the Northern Region.  The tournament will take place on Friday, July 12 from 6:30-8 PM

battleThe tournament is open to all residents of the great Northern Region. As a true child of the north the next Northern Region Rattan Champion must be proficient with any weapon handy in a crisis, therefore this tournament will have a special focus on weapon depth.

The tournament will be run as a double elimination tournament with some special twists. In the first round all combatants will be required to fight with great weapons. Weapons need not be matched. Please bring your own if possible but there will be loaners if needed. Please bring or arrange to borrow gauntlets. For this tournament, all participants will be given temporary authorizations in the needed forms.

After the first round, combatants in the winners bracket will be allowed to fight with whatever weapon they choose. If/when a fighter moves to the losers bracket then he or she will only be allowed to fight with a great weapon. The rounds will continue in the usual (double elimination) manner until there are 4 remaining fighters, two each from the winners and losers brackets.

The remaining fighters will then be paired off, one from each bracket in a best of 5 semi-final fight. The fighters from the losers brackets will enter with one loss and need to win 3 fights while the fighters from the winners brackets will enter with no losses and only need to win 2 fights.

The winners of each semi-final round will then be considered on equal footing to fight in a final best of 5 round. The weapons forms and format of the final round will not be announced until the bouts start, but they will not be kept secret, either. If you would like to know, please ask Lord Richard. (here is a hint…… Vikings.) Needed weapons will be provided.

As always, the crowd is not only welcome but encouraged to come and celebrate the prowess of the Northern fighters. In fact, the crowd will play an important part. In the tradition of the Ladies of the Rose tournaments at Pennsic, special awards and honors will be presented to participants who exhibit exceptional skill, honor or courtesy.

With the mighty Northern Region Rattan Championship Axe on the line, it is hoped that this tournament will be enjoyable for the participants and all in attendance as well as show off the Prowess, Chivalry, and Honor of the North.