Greetings unto the populace of the East Kingdom,

queen-favor-kienaTheir Highnesses wish to travel to many events during the reign and are therefore in need of many favors to aid in representing the East Kingdom abroad, as well as to recognize the populace of the East within our own boundaries.  Any and all who wish to make favors for Her Highness are welcome, regardless of skill level or experience.

For those gentles who wish to aid in the making of HRH Kiena’s favors, the link to the instructions can be found here:

The favors are the same design as Her Highness’s previous reign, a navy K with a thistle with purple flower and green stem.  Favors may be rendered in any medium you wish (embroidery, painting, beading, etc).  If you wish to add something small to the design to denote the second reign feel free to do so however you wish, but it is not required.

Favor kits are available to anyone who wishes to help with the creation of favors.  Some kits will be available at Coronation for those who are interested, or contact the favor coordinator at alannaofskye@yahoo.com.  Thank you for your help!

In service,