youthGreetings to all who receive these words!

Pennsic is fast-approaching, with Land Grab Saturday less than 123 days away! I would ask that each of you pass on my message to your relative Kingdom, Province, Regional, and even local e-mail and social media lists/groups. Even if you are unable to help on the ground at Pennsic, getting word out is always greatly appreciated!

As many of you know, different Kingdoms often sponsor a day of activities and/or classes at Youth Point, this has served as the primary source of activity for Youth Point. Last year the Midrealm, the East, Æthelmearc, and Atlantia all sponsored a day of classes and activities at Youth Point. This year we’ve also got the regularly scheduled fishing class with field trip, and the Youth A&S Display, there are also three different age tracks in the Youth Theatre Program, a Youth Choir, and of course, Youth Point closes down during the Atlantia-sponsored Children’s Fete to be held in the new Great Hall this year. 

While these are all fantastic activities, it is my goal this year to have Youth Point open more during the entirety of Pennsic. Last year, we didn’t open until Friday, and this year, we’d like to open starting Tuesday, July 23rd. In order to do that though, I need to have appropriate activities scheduled ahead of time.

Therefore, I am opening up Youth Point to any Kingdom, Shire, Household, Barony, Province, Canton, or group of friends that would like to donate even just a few hours of their time to providing classes or activities for Youth at Pennsic. Youth Point is open every morning from 9AM – Noon, and then re-opens from 1PM – 4PM. Any group interested in sponsoring time at Youth Point can take an entire day, a half, day, or even just a one or two hour time slot.

Youth Point actually has a vast array of craft supplies, games, toys, and other items of interest that are available for your use during your time at Youth Point, and as a Department Head, I also have a budget which can be used to obtain additional supplies.

As for needing to worry about background checks or being a Chancellor Minor / Youth Officer, no need to worry! Several of us on staff at point are already background checked, and can be available during your time at Youth Point.

In order to get the appropriate schedule into the Pennsic Site Book, and to guarantee that we’ll be able to open Youth Point earlier this year, please be sure to contact me no later than MONDAY, APRIL 15th.

The best way to reach me is via pennsic.youth@gmail.com.

I thank all of you for your time and dedication to the Youth of the Society, and look forward to speaking with many of you in the coming weeks and months.

Also, if anyone is interested in joining Youth Point Staff, we have a great time, and are always looking for more volunteers to join us.

My best to you all,