Greetings (again) to all who receive these words!

There will be something new this year at Pennsic University, it will be a specific track of classes for Youth & Family.

I would ask that you all take a moment to pass this message on to any of your Kingdom, Province, Barony, Shire, Household, or other SCA-interest-based list. Even if you aren’t planning to be at Pennsic this year, you may reach someone who is, that I might not otherwise be able to reach.

The Youth & Family Track classes can be on a variety of topics, but they are typically designed either to incorporate an Adult+Child(ren) activity (e.g. – “Me & My Shadow Belly Dance Class”) or be about youth-related/themed activities in the SCA (e.g. – “Youth Archery in the SCA, how to get started”). These classes are for being taught in Pennsic University Tents, and are scheduled through Pennsic University.

The general site for Pennsic University is

The registration site is

In addition to these class offerings, classes specifically designed for Youth must be scheduled via and held at Youth Point. To register these classes, please e-mail me and my staff at

The deadline for all class registrations, is Monday, April 15th so please do not wait to go sign up for a class.

Several people requested this as a specific track for classes, however, so far we’ve only received two class registrations. With the registration deadline fast approaching, I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in teaching, hosting an activity or roundtable, to please register on the P. U. website and submit their classes.

If there is a class you’re interested in possibly teaching, but aren’t sure where it might fit in, please e-mail me as soon as possible

My thanks to you all for your time and participation in Youth Activities throughout the Society!

My best to you all,


Lord Martyn de Halliwell, COT