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There will be a silent auction held at Mudthaw to benefit Their Majesties. Please note that proceeds from this auction will go directly to Their Majesties, and not to any official SCA fund.  
The silent auction schedule us as follows:
10am-12pm – item drop off and setup
12pm-3pm – the auction
3pm-4pm – payment, item pickup, and take down.
All donations are appreciated, and donors are asked to include the following information with the items:
* A brief description of the item
* The suggested starting bid (default will be $1)
* Suggested bid increase (default will be $1)
* The estimated value of the item
* Donor name and contact information
* What to do with the item if it is unsold
Anyone is welcome to donate some of their time to sit with the auction table or help with setup and take down, and any and all help is greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions, please contact Naomi bat Avraham at aomi@blastedoak.com