Greetings Unto those good gentles attending the festivities at Mudthaw! We invite you to help in the effort to pad the war chest as the drums grow louder toward this Pennsic War! A fundraising effort will be taking place that will pay homage to our four legged friends. Those loyal steeds that ride into battle and those who stay by our sides in comfort. Make ready the fan fare as a great tournament approaches at the Coronation of Gregor IV and Kiena II! Your donation will sponsor one of the horses that will be taking part in the festivities at Coronation.  You may bestow the honor on the horse of your choice if you are attending Coronation or you may send your honors to the steed with wishes of luck.

Cookies/Muffins suitable for horses will be the tokens for purchase.  There will also be dog treats for your own four-legged companions as well as some gentle friendly fare.  We encourage you to show your support and declare for these brave and gallant riders and horses taking the field for the celebration of the Coronation of our Monarchs.

All proceeds benefit the war chest.