Queen's HeraldryIn the forty-seventh year of the Society, upon 24 February, in the
Shire of Hartshorndale, Thyra the Queen did enact and cause to be
enacted the following:

Item.  Her Majesty summoned the children of the East Kingdom and
shared with them toys donated by la Chambre des Dames d’Alisay and and
many others.

Item.  Her Majesty welcomed those new to the Society and gifted each
with tokens of the day.

Item.  Her Majesty summoned into her presence Kathryn Perry and
thereupon awarded her the Order of the Terpsichore in recognition of
her skills at dance, the which deed was memorialized in a document
authored by the hand of Her Majesty and calligraphed and illuminated
by Catarina Giaocchini.

All these things were enacted upon the Feast of Saint Polycarp, in the
presence of witnesses.  Mistress Alys Mackyntoich, Their Majesties’
Herald, wrote this.