Pennsic groupFrom Master Feral von Halstern:

Most Courteous Greetings All.

This past Saturday, we finished the Pennsic War Negotiations.

The schedule is as follows, note that this begins on the Sunday of War Week, July 28, 2013:

Sunday: Champions Battles (at least four). If you are on the Belted or Unbelted Team, or are an alternate, please be on site and in armor or let me know ahead of time.

Monday: Field Battle. There will be five battles, each one worth a point, and switching sides of the field after each battle. The Siege Engine competition and Rapier Champions are trying to be scheduled for this day as well.

Tuesday: BOTH Woods Battles: armored first, rapier second. The whole woods will be used for the armored battle and possibly for rapier as well. Final schedules are still being worked out.

Wednesday: Break day, although there may be some brief non-heavy list points scheduled.

Thursday:Tower Battle: a 90 minute resurrection battle with banners and a lot of points. Thrown Weapons and Rapier Bridge may also be on Thursday.

Friday: Concluding with the armored bridge battles. There may be a shorter non-armoured point scheduled for Friday as well.

Pennsic closes on Saturday, August 3, 2013. The Pennsic Staff has requested that we are off the field by Friday at noon. This is not carved in stone and if we need more time on the field Friday, we will take it to make the battles work. Closing Court will also be held on the field.

This is a tentative schedule. Adjustments will be made as necessary, especially if we get hit with bad weather. There are a lot of battles planned for everyone, so try and get into shape. Less bread, beer, and pasta, more veggies and protein. In the immortal words of Sir Sichelgaita von Halstern; “Move more, eat less.”

In Service and Fealty to the East,

Feral von Halstern