EKAE Badge

Look for the EKAE Banner at Birka

Hidden in the workrooms, kitchens, and breweries of the Kingdom of the East, (and some beyond) are artisans busily putting the finishing touches on their “Secret Artisan” gifts for some eager recipients, who are also hard at work on their own item. EKAE Swap II’s deadline is Birka, and it is fast approaching!

What is this? It is the Second Artisan Swap of the East Kingdom Artisanal Exchange and the projects due at the end of this month are already arriving on the door steps of this A&S group’s participants.  But let me explain.

EKAE is based on the online Knowne World-wide phenomena “Nobelese Largesse” started two years ago by Lady Konstantia Kaloethina of Calontir,  an A&S gift swap that had grown so big that Lady Elinor Strangewayes decided an East Kingdom Group was needed to deal with the growing participation demand; the demand to make something for someone and in turn receive something made by another member of our society, just for the joy of creating.

Primarily a Facebook Group, participation in that social medium is not required in order to be part of any Swap, although the group page is used heavily to share photos of completed works (after delivery) and to ask questions and share ideas. The swaps are also open to all levels of artisans and thus so far the quality of the gifts has been pretty impressive. And yes there is a dollar cap on the gifts which includes shipping.

How can you play?

Swap III, (deadline for gift delivery 31 August 2013) will be open to participants with an online survey (to find likes, allergies, dislikes) 01 February 2013 and anyone is welcome to join in the fun.   Look for our announcement on the East Kingdom E-list and EK Facebook page on that Friday!  For more information about the EKAE feel free to contact the EKAE group organizers at ekartisanalexchange@gmail.com