event picture

The East Kingdom Gazette has received the following missive from the 12 Night Event Steward:

Greetings unto the East!
Many, many thanks to all who prepped, schlepped, set-up, tore-down, signaged, vigilled, danced, scribed, merchanted, shopped, Youthed, displayed, entertained, gamed, heralded, cooked, ATE, CLEANED UP……and otherwise contributed to the making and enjoying of EK 12th Night. The Brunchboard Cook, the Feast Cook, our staffs and I are grateful to you ALL.  At least a few of you had such a good time, you wanted to stay – but found that leaving your belongings would have
to suffice.  Please contact me if any of the following belongs to you and I will do my best to return them to you:

~a silver brooch with a green Laurel medallion attached
~a pair of bronze-toned reading glasses
~an aluminum tankard wrapped with burgundy leather (trimmed with
silver-studded black leather)
~feast silverware wrapped in a green napkin (left in Baronial room)
~feast basket with feast gear
~a ‘Little Art Flat Pocket Mirror’ with bird/postcard theme
~photo of a scroll with a 12th Night greeting from past EK Royals to
Aethelmarc Royals
~carved wooden spoon
~crochet hook
~metal belt hook
~red pocket knife
~red sugar chess pieces (knights)

Again – MANY thanks.