Their Majesties Ansteorra recently posted this missive:

Concerning Same-Sex Combattants/Consorts in Ansteorra Crown Tournament
And the Announcement by the Crown at 12th Night Court

As we are sure some of you have heard, in court at Steppes 12th Night, We, in accordance with recent Society Corpora changes did issue the following edict:

For the duration of our reign, we have revoked, deleted, and nullified item 8 of subsection E of Section 5 of Article V (5) of Ansteorran Kingdom Law which required combattants and consorts entering Crown Tournament to be of opposite genders. The line specifically read: “8. Bear the favor of a person of the opposite gender as potential consort.”

It is our intent to sign this with our Kingdom Seneschal into statutory law at Crown Tournament or as soon as reasonably possible. Either this edict or that statutory law change will be published in the next possible Black Star.

Denying the inspiration of fighting for a loved one is contrary to our ideals.

Those who try to exploit the rules or this change for their own gains or to make a point, will be held contrary to our ideals and denied entry into our Crown Tournament. Letters of Intent to enter Crown Tournament remain due, to us, on January 9th.

Jean Paul II & Gilyan II
King and Queen of Ansteorra