Mistress Aife has issued a challenge to performers attending Bergental/BBM Yule!

“I would like you to do something daring.  Something different — quite literally.  If you sing, I’d love to see you try a spoken word piece.  If you always do comedy, perhaps try something a bit more tragic.  If you’ve always played the harp, but have been secretly practicing rauschpfeife? I’ll stand back a bit further, but I want to hear that too.  The goal is to see you do something that stretches you as a performer.  (Never performed before in the SCA? I’ll take that too.)  Participants will receive a token in recognition of their efforts.  To allow as many people to participate as possible, I’d ask that performers keep their pieces to under eight minutes.

I’d personally be fine with you accosting me in the hallway for this, but, I think Her Excellency Bergental is providing a slightly more structured time and place. If you’re coming to Yule, I sincerely hope you’ll come find me.”