By Master Liam St. Liam

Three kingdoms held their crown tournaments this weekend, and a former Eastern king nearly ascended to the throne of Aethelmearc.

Duke Maynard von dem Steine defeated Duke Timothy of Arindale in the finals of Aethelmearc Crown. Duke Maynard was fighting for Duchess Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaomhanaigh, and Duke Timothy, who reigned in the East before moving to Aethelmearc, fought for Duchess Gabrielle von Nihenrode.

The next king of Drachenwald will be Duke Thorvaldr Skegglauss, and his queen will be Tofa in glaoa. The other finalist in Drachenwald was Count Leif Wolfsonne, fighting for Countess Morrigan Nich Temair. Count Leif was recently knighted.

In Artemesia, Count Daman McMillan will return to the throne with Countess Veronique d’Arcy. He defeated Sir Raven MacLeod.

The kingdoms of Northshield and Meridies will hold their crown tournaments this coming weekend.