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The Arts and Sciences War Point for Pennsic 48 was held on Thursday August 8th in the Great Hall. After an open call and review of applicants, the East sent 11 of its citizens to Pennsic with outstanding, and exceptionally well documented, projects to display.

Below are photographs of each entrant and their work.

Mistress Leonete D’Angely: The Materials and Product of a 15th Century Limner. Top Scorer in the Domestic Archeology & Lived Objects War Point Catagory

THL Gnaea Celera: Recreation of two Anglo Saxon Glass Vessels With An Exploration of Ceremonial Drinking in this Period. Top Scorer in the Arts & Studio Crafts War Point Catagory

THL Ástríðr Musi: Recreation of a Grafell, a Viking trade cloak. Co-Top Scorer in the Fiber & Clothing War Point Catagory

Hlaefdige Aethelflied Brewbane: A Recreation of the Kind of Samite Fabric Found in the Viking Graves at Oseberg.

Lady Amalie von Hohense: Designing and Creating a Sixteenth Century-Inspired
Embroidered Book Cover

Baroness Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina: Explorations in Byzantine Iconography

Viscount Antonii Rainbringer: Recreation of a Latgallian Spiral Wreath

THL Cathain Reiter: Experimental Archaeology: Creating a High-Necked Pleated Hemd

Lord Malys MacGregor: 15th Century European Bookbinding

Lady Maerhild at Anstige: Production of a Representative Textile Using the Forms & Methods as Seen in Late 16th & Early 17th century Bengali Monochrome Embroideries.

THL Mariette de Bretagne: Calligraphy in Context- Varying Script Styles from Japan’s Medieval Period.


Most of the photos above were taken by Master Otto Gottlieb.